Detailed forecast

Fri Aug 5 2022: Southerly flow bringing warm and humid air will continue today. Ozone will be right at the edge of Yellow (Moderate) and Green (Good) today is southern MN with the warm air mass in place. PM will be Green (Good) statewide. Saturday and Sunday it looks like widespread soaking rain for central MN. The precip along with the cloud shield extending over the whole state will keep the AQI in the Green (Good) category through Monday. Monday will be dominated by ridging across MN. Although there will be ample sunshine the temperature profile is not extremely favorable for ozone. The forecast will again call for Green (Good) on Monday though parts of central MN including the Twin Cities may see some hours in the Yellow (Moderate). Tuesday and Wednesday next week will see another warm up and with it will bring both smoke from the southern US and a favorable setup for ozone. The details will need to be refined but for now Yellow (Moderate) for both PM and Ozone is forecasted across the southern half of MN with Green (Good) across the northern half.