Detailed forecast

Today, moderate east-northeasterly winds will aid pollutant dispersion and gradually bring clean air into the Twin Cities, yielding Good AQI levels. Tomorrow, a low pressure systems moving south of Minnesota will generate light northerly winds, transporting clean air into the Twin Cities and keeping AQI levels Good. Monday and Tuesday, high pressure over south-central Canada will generate light north-northeasterly winds in Minneapolis-St. Paul, continuing to bring a cleaner air mass into the region. These conditions will result in Good AQI levels on both days. Wednesday, as the surface high pressure over south-central Canada moves east, winds will shift to east-southeasterly in Minnesota, transporting regional pollutants into Minneapolis St. Paul. However, pollutant carryover from previous days will be low. Therefore, AQI levels will remain Good. Thursday, a weak low pressure system will move through Minnesota, enhancing mixing in the atmosphere and shifting winds to northwesterly at the surface. These conditions will disperse pollutants, yielding Good AQI levels.